Over the last decade ductless heat pumps have come a long way. In the past mass-market heat pumps used to struggle during the coldest temperatures, but thanks to the demand for the technology has increased in colder regions the technology has matured to serve these climates.

If you live in an area, like New England, where temperatures frequently dip below freezing and you have electric resistance heat, then a cold-climate ductless heat pump is an ultra-efficient, and comfortable option that is worth looking into.

What is a cold-climate ductless heat pump

A cold-climate ductless heat pump is an inverter-driven mini-split or ductless heat pump that is capable of providing comfortable heating for a home when outdoor temperatures are as low as -15 °F.

When should a cold-climate ductless heat pump be used?

Cold-climate ductless heat pumps can be used for primary heating, or to displace (supersede) a home’s existing electric resistance heating system, like baseboards or wall heaters in the main body of the house. Less expensive non cold-climate ductless heat pumps won’t work as well when temperatures dip below freezing, which can significantly impact energy efficiency.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

All mini-splits need regular maintenance. Follow these simple guidelines to maintain performance and extend the life of the system:

  • Clean the filters on the indoor head/cassette every 3–4 months Keep the outdoor unit clear of debris that may affect airflow or clog drainage under the unit
  • Inspect the outdoor unit seasonally to ensure the outdoor coil is clean, there are no breaks in pipe coverings or insulation and there are no oil stains around the refrigerant line-set connections
  • Schedule annual inspection and maintenance visit from your installer to inspect and clear condensate lines, check for refrigerant leaks, clean compressor coils, and ensure your system is operating efficiently

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