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The YORK® Rooftops Difference

With a Reengineered Rooftop Product Portfolio, our commitment to quality is built into each product. We have expanded manufacturing, including advanced testing labs dedicated to rooftops. Our one-of-a-kind Ducted Systems Academy features 30,000 sq. ft for remote and hands-on training. Our products are tested to the extreme, so it’s no wonder we have class-leading efficiency and flexibility, backed by an industry-leading warranty. Peace of Mind – from the rooftops.

York & Make-A-Wish Foundation®, Together Making a Difference

Granting the heartfelt wish of a child with a life-threatening medical condition—that’s the basic idea which has inspired thousands of York distributors, dealers, and customers since York first got involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2001.

2011 marks our tenth anniversary with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Along with our dealers and distributors, we’ve raised over $2 million for the communities we serve. It’s two great organizations coming together for a great cause.

Large Sunline™ Packaged Rooftop Units
15-25 Tons

Sunline™ ultra-high-efficiency packaged rooftop units deliver improved efficiency with intelligent control and operational flexibility.

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configurations
  • Standard (up to 11.2 EER/13.2 IEER), high (12.2 EER/14.2 IEER) and ultra-high (up to 12.2/18.0 IEER) models available
  • Scroll and reciprocating compressors

Proven Globally. Tailored for You.

Sunline™ commercial rooftop units from YORK® are designed to meet rising energy costs and expanded performance standards in the same footprints as existing YORK® 15-25 Ton rooftop units. Their increased efficiencies, reaching as high as 14.2 IEER, comply with the latest federal and state requirements, as well as the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s Advanced Tier. Smart Equipment controls maximize system monitoring and adjustment for extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units
15-27.5 Tons

YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units lead the industry with the most economical comfort cooling in the 15-27.5 ton range.

  • A/C downflow models
  • Standard-efficiency models (up to 11.1 EER/14.8 IEER)
  • Constant volume, IntelliSpeed™ single-zone VAV and VAV airflow options

Reduce Energy and Operating Costs

YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units provide up to 23% greater part-load efficiency than our comparable, standard-efficiency legacy units and nearly 15% higher IEER ratings than some competitive high-efficiency units. The remarkable performance of Choice rooftop units exceeds Department of Energy (DOE) 2018 guidelines by up to 25% and already surpasses future DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10%. A lightweight design and direct replacement footprint reduce up-front costs and simplify installation.

YORK® Sun™ Core Packaged Rooftop Units
3-12.5 Tons

YORK® Sun™ Core Rooftop Units are your go-to product to economically meet building codes for first-cost-conscious customers.

  • A/C and heat pump units in downflow and horizontal airflow configuration
  • Standard-efficiency models (14.1 SEER/14.8 IEER)
  • High-efficiency models (17.2 SEER/16.3 IEER)

The Go-to Option for New Construction or Retrofits​

YORK® Sun™ Core Rooftop Units save time, money and materials by fitting directly on preexisting, competitive curbs without the need for a transition. With two cabinet sizes that fit perfectly within many existing unit footprints, YORK® Sun™ Core Rooftop HVAC Units simplify the transition process by avoiding material, labor and height restrictions that transition curb solutions typically encounter. Configurations with cooling, gas heating or electric heat provide even more options.

YORK® Sun™ Pro Packaged Rooftop Units
3-12.5 Tons

YORK® Sun™ Pro Rooftop Units are service-friendly and life-cycle cost optimized, with the most complete range of features and options in this tonnage size.

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configuration
  • Standard (up to 12.2 EER/14.8 IEER), high (up to 12.2 EER/15.2 IEER) and ultra-high efficiency models (up to 14.0 EER/ 21.2 IEER)
  • Separate hot gas reheat models

Superior Efficiency Designed With the Professional in Mind​

YORK® Sun™ Pro Rooftop Units come standard with features like toolless, hinged access panels and a slide-out blower for easier service. Ultra-high-efficiency models are the most efficient, dual-circuit units on the market, with continual operation in the event of an issue and providing significant operational cost savings. Built with flexible, convertible airflow features to help reduce cutting sheet metal in the field, YORK® Sun™ Pro units are manufactured for ease of service, too.

YPAL Packaged Rooftop Units
50-150 Tons

Featuring high-efficiency scroll compressors, YORK® YPAL Packaged Rooftop Units deliver superior energy performance and greater comfort for less.

  • A/C with modulating hot gas reheat (HGRH) options
  • Standard 11.5 EER/14.0 IEER efficiency models
  • Microchannel aluminum tubing and aluminum fins for durability and long-lasting, efficient operation

Flexible Design for Almost Any Application

YORK® YPAL Packaged Heating and Cooling Units feature flexible design configurations, making these compact units ideal for almost any building application. Optimizing occupant comfort in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and more, the superior performance of YORK® YPAL units delivers a quick response to cooling needs. An advanced control center performs demand ventilation as well as airflow compensation and measurement while thoughtful design features improve indoor air quality.

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units
27.5-50 Tons

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units provide class-leading performance without compromise, all in a cost-effective package.

  • Surpasses DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 39% and exceeds DOE 2023 part-load standards by as much as 22%
  • Up to 11.1 EER/13.3-16.0 IEER
  • Multiple airflow strategies

Industry-leading Efficiency

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units provide class-leading performance to deliver comfort without compromise, all in a cost-effective package. With up to 31% greater part-load efficiency (IEER) than similar, competitive models, and even higher efficiency levels in our 4-stage IntelliSpeed™ models, energy costs are reduced to industry-leading levels.

YORK® Sun™ Premier Rooftop Units
25-80 Tons

YORK® Sun™ Premier Rooftop Units offer the flexibility of applied equipment with the first-cost value of rooftop units.

  • A/C models with high capacity and multiple airflow options (downflow, horizontal, multidirectional supply and return airflow paths)
  • Standard-efficiency models (Up to 10.9 EER/15.8 IEER)
  • High-efficiency models (Up to 11.4 EER/16.9 IEER)

Unmatched Efficiency, Unmatched Quality

YORK® Sun™ Premier commercial rooftop units offer best-in-class standard efficiency levels and meet Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency requirements. Standard-efficiency, high-capacity or high-efficiency YORK® Sun™ Premier units come standard with an industry-leading 1-year parts and either a 6-month or 1-year promotional labor warranty when started by a contractor.

Small Sunline™ Packaged Rooftop Units
3-6 Tons

YORK® Small Sunline™ Packaged Rooftop Units deliver simplicity and performance that give you an advantage on almost every rooftop project

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configurations
  • Standard-efficiency models up to 14.0 SEER/14.2 IEER and 8.0 HSPF
  • Scroll compressors

Smarter Technology for Better Performance

An ideal solution for commercial building applications, YORK® Sunline™ Series packaged rooftop units combines efficiency and advanced economizer controls with unprecedented installation flexibility and low installed costs. Its compressor is internally protected against high pressure and temperature to ensure dependable performance in tough conditions. Smart Equipment, provided as a standard component, provides reliability and ease of use.

Celebrating a Decade of Wishes Come True

Being part of a good cause makes a big difference
Over the past decade, the York® family has contributed more than $2 million dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® to help bring hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. During that time, our dealers and distributors have touched hundreds of children’s lives. Their efforts have made it possible for each child to revel in the joy of their one fondest wish coming true, strengthening their families—and ours.