During snowy winter days there is nothing better than snuggling under a warm blanket with a roaring fire burning in your fireplace. But the upkeep of a wood burning fireplace can be tiresome and more work than you are wanting. Do you have enough firewood to get through the day? Do you need to clean out the ash from the last fire? Can’t find your starter logs?  As a result, you might decide to skip out on the relaxing hearthside evening and do something much less interesting. But what if you could enjoy the glow of a wood fire without those hassles? 

If you find that you don’t use your existing masonry fireplace as often as you’d like to because it just takes too much effort – or If you have wood burning fireplace that doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to – then a set of propane gas logs could be just what you’re looking for.


  • Convenience – No more chopping, splinters, and ash. The fire starts up at the push a button and you’re ready to go.
  • A real fire experience – Today’s realistic log sets are a far cry yesterday’s cheap-looking artificial models. Choose from a variety of looks that mimic oak, birch, and more.
  • Safety – With gas logs, you’ll have no more flying sparks, rolling logs, or dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney. Just maintain your log set properly and it will provide safe heat year after year.
  • Savings – Gas logs operate at about four to five times the efficiency of wood –good news here in New England. You’ll also eliminate chimney cleaning, saving even more money.
  • Green benefits – Compared to wood burning, clean-burning propane emits far fewer particulates and less CO2 – good for your health, good for the air, and good for the planet.

Spend less time preparing your fire and more time enjoying it in your Connecticut or Rhode home. Contact Dunklee Inc. today for an estimate on a propane fireplace log set that works for your space and lifestyle!